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Farewell and thanks for your support

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After quite a few years we have concluded, a bit  reluctantly, that the site  has to close and we should  spend our limited finances, time and energy on another venture.

During our time with Newtraid we met with many groups, communities and individuals  we could support in a more direct way than through Newtraid. As a result we have formed a new UK based charity which we hope will provide a more  focussed support for water,   sanitation and related   projects in East Africa. If you are an existing Newtraid volunteer or client or have just found this page please follow us to our new and exciting site and support our efforts by using your skills,knowledge and donations.

As I had informed you,we have many girls at school and comparing to the past, there is much improvement especially at the side of health and sanitation. Thank you so much. School Director, Masaka, Uganda


Kisoboka means "It is possible" . We have already done things we thought would be impossible but with you with us even more will be possible.

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